United Airlines In Flight Wi-Fi Usage Pricing & More

United Airlines is one such carrier that provides WiFi connectivity on many of its domestic and international flights. 

This comprehensive guide will explore everything you need to know about getting online with United WiFi during your upcoming flight.

Airlines understand this need, and many now offer inflight WiFi to allow passengers to browse the web, access email, and stay entertained while soaring miles above the ground. 

United first introduced inflight WiFi services in 2009 through a partnership with Aircell, later rebranded as Gogo. 

Today, United WiFi is available on nearly all of United’s 350+ mainline aircraft in the Americas. 

The airline leverages multiple WiFi providers like Gogo, Panasonic, Thales, and Viasat to ensure connectivity across its extensive route network.

Step to Connecting to United Inflight WiFi

Connecting to WiFi on your United flight takes just a few quick steps:

  1. Turn on Airplane Mode on your device once you’ve boarded and settled in.
  2. Connect to the “United_Wi-Fi” wireless network from the list of available connections.
  3. Launch your browser on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  4. Type http://unitedwifi.com into the address bar and hit enter.
  5. Review the various WiFi pass options and select your preferred plan.
  6. Enter your payment information, verify your purchase, and begin surfing the web and accessing your favourite apps in the air.

That’s all it takes! Within minutes you’ll be connected and remain online throughout your United journey.

WiFi Pricing and Plan Options

United Airlines offers a straightforward and flexible pricing structure for inflight Wi-Fi. The pricing varies based on the type of flight and your passenger status. Here’s a brief overview:

U.S. Domestic & Short-Haul International Flights:

  • For MileagePlusĀ® members, Wi-Fi access is priced at USD 8.00 or 1600 miles per device.
  • For non-members and all other passengers, the cost is USD 10.00.

All Other Flights:

Prices for Wi-Fi on flights outside of the U.S. domestic and short-haul international category depend on the specific destination and flight duration.


United Airlines offers a variety of Wi-Fi subscription options, allowing passengers to choose the plan that best suits their needs and travel preferences.

Below, we outline the available subscription options, their pricing, and the potential savings associated with annual plans.

North and Central America Monthly Subscription:

Subscriber: Passengers seeking Wi-Fi access for North and Central American flights can opt for the monthly plan.

  • One-time initiation fee: $0
  • Subscription price: $49 or 7,500 miles
  • Total: $49 or 7,500 miles

North and Central America Annual Subscription:

Subscriber: Travellers who frequently fly within North and Central America may find value in the annual subscription.

  • One-time initiation fee: $0
  • Subscription price: $539 or 80,000 miles
  • Total: $539 or 80,000 miles

Savings: By selecting an annual subscription, passengers can save up to $139 a year. The actual savings amount may vary based on the subscription region selected.

Global Monthly Subscription:

Subscriber: Passengers with a more extensive range of travel destinations, including international flights, can choose the global monthly plan.

  • One-time initiation fee: $0
  • Subscription price: $69 or 10,500 miles
  • Total: $69 or 10,500 miles

Global Annual Subscription:

Subscriber: For global travellers who want consistent Wi-Fi access, the annual subscription offers a cost-effective solution.

  • One-time initiation fee: $0
  • Subscription price: $689 or 100,000 miles
  • Total: $689 or 100,000 miles

Savings: By selecting an annual subscription, passengers can save up to $139 a year. The actual savings amount may vary based on the subscription region selected.

Note: Savings amount may vary based on the specific subscription region chosen.

Payment Method

You can easily pay for WiFi with a credit or debit card right from your device’s browser. United also allows you to redeem MileagePlus miles for WiFi passes if you prefer.

United inflight Wifi Entertainment

Once connected to United WiFi, you’ll enjoy a fast broadband-quality internet connection for the full duration of your flight. This unlocks a host of possibilities:

  • Browse your favourite websites and catch up on news back on the ground
  • Check and send work emails to stay productive
  • Post updates and photos to social channels like Facebook and Instagram
  • Stream TV shows, movies, and sports with United’s inflight entertainment
  • Listen to music playlists to make time fly by
  • Stay in touch with friends and family via messaging apps

Note that bulk downloads, large email attachments, and video calls may be restricted. However, regular browsing, emails, social media and streaming entertainment are all enabled.

Inflight Entertainment and Other Services

In addition to WiFi connectivity, United provides a full suite of complimentary inflight entertainment on seatback screens or your own device. 

The United app and website allow you to access hundreds of movies, TV episodes, music albums, games, audiobooks and more for free during your flight.

United also offers inflight chat and texting capabilities on select flights, allowing you to message other passengers on the same plane through Facebook Messenger. 

This unique feature makes it easy to coordinate planes upon landing.

Aircrafts Equipped with WiFi

Nearly all mainline United jets offer WiFi in the continental US, Canada, Mexico and Central America. This includes:

  • Airbus A319, A320, A321 narrow-body jets
  • Boeing 737 MAX 8/9, 737-700, 737-800, 737-900 regional aircraft
  • Boeing 757-200, 757-300, and 767-300ER wide-body planes
  • Boeing 777-200, 777-300ER used for long-haul flights
  • Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft

On international long-haul routes, United flies a number of wide-body jets like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and 777 equipped with satellite-based WiFi worldwide. However, some older 747, 767 and 777 models only offer WiFi within the continental US and Canada.

Before booking, look up your flight number on United’s WiFi availability map to confirm your specific plane will have WiFi services. This ensures you can stay connected on your upcoming trip.

Supported Devices and Helpful Tips

United WiFi is compatible with virtually any web-enabled device. You can connect using smartphones, tablets, laptops, and handheld gaming devices. 

Downloading the United app prior to your flight provides access to inflight entertainment and makes connecting to WiFi seamless.

For the best connection, activate Airplane mode on your device as wireless signals can interfere with onboard equipment. 

Connect just one device at a time, and disconnect peripherals like Bluetooth headphones as they can slow your connection. Restarting your device mid-flight can also refresh your WiFi signal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use WiFi on both my smartphone and laptop?

Yes, but you’ll need to purchase a separate pass for each device you want to connect.

How fast is the connection speed?

United offers broadband-quality WiFi allowing you to comfortably browse, email, and stream content. But speeds may vary based on network traffic.

What if the WiFi signal is lost during the flight?

Try rebooting your device and reconnecting to refresh the signal. If issues persist, alert a flight attendant.

Can I make VoIP calls?

Voice and video calling are disabled. But you can use apps like WhatsApp or iMessage to stay in touch.

Are there restrictions on accessing certain websites?

Some sites like video streaming platforms may be limited. But standard web browsing and social media sites are available.

Final Takeoff

Having access to United’s inflight WiFi opens up new possibilities for staying productive, entertained, and connected when you fly. 

Following this guide, you’ll know how to quickly connect, browse unrestrictedly, access entertainment, and purchase the right WiFi pass for your needs.

The next time you’re set to fly United, don’t forget to bring your WiFi-enabled devices along.

Just connect to the United_WiFi network after takeoff and enjoy unlimited entertainment and internet access during your upcoming flight and safe travels!

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