Sun Country Airlines In Flight Wi-Fi Usage Pricing & More

Sun Country Airlines is a budget-friendly airline in the United States that has been serving passengers for over 35 years.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sun Country provides affordable flights across America and to destinations in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America.

Unlike many major airlines, Sun Country does not offer inflight WiFi access for internet browsing and connectivity. 

They do provide an inflight entertainment system called AirFi that allows passengers to stream movies, TV shows, music and more from their personal devices for free.

Accessing the AirFi Entertainment System

To use the AirFi inflight entertainment on Sun Country flights, passengers simply need to:

  1. Turn on their smartphone, tablet, laptop or other personal electronic device after the flight has reached cruising altitude.
  2. Connect to the “AirFi” wireless network on their device’s WiFi settings.
  3. Launch the AirFi portal and browse the available entertainment selections.
  4. Choose a movie, TV show episode, playlist or other content to stream and enjoy it directly on their device.

The AirFi system is completely complimentary for all passengers. There are no fees or charges to use this inflight entertainment.

Entertainment Content Offerings

The AirFi system offers a diverse range of entertainment options that Sun Country passengers can access during flights:


Over 150 movies are available inflight spanning various genres including comedy, drama, action, romance and more. Both classic and contemporary popular movies are included.

TV Shows

Passengers can watch episodes from popular TV series of different genres. The selection is updated with current hit shows.


Hundreds of playlists and radio stations covering rock, pop, hip-hop, country and other genres can be accessed. Passengers can listen to their favorite music inflight.


Casual games ranging from puzzles to arcade games are offered for passengers to play on their devices during the flight. This is a good way to pass time.


The AirFi system provides digital versions of popular magazines that travelers can read on their devices.

With this wide range of options, Sun Country ensures passengers have hours of entertainment accessible at no additional cost to enjoy during flights.

AirFi System Coverage

Sun Country has not publicly provided details on the specific company that powers the AirFi inflight entertainment system.

However, they have equipped their entire fleet of planes with AirFi capabilities. This means the system is available across all of Sun Country’s Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Unlike inflight WiFi which relies on satellite connectivity, the AirFi network works through an onboard server.

This allows passengers to access the entertainment options even on routes where satellite coverage may be inconsistent.

Compatible Personal Devices

The AirFi inflight entertainment system can be accessed on passengers’ personal WiFi-enabled devices including:

  • Smartphones – iPhone, Android phones
  • Tablets – iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Amazon Fire tablets
  • Laptops – MacBook, Windows laptops
  • Portable media devices – iPod Touch, MP3 players

Before flying, travelers should ensure WiFi connectivity is enabled on their device and latest software updates are installed. This will ensure smooth access to the AirFi portal and streaming.

Customer Support

For any additional queries or issues, customers can contact Sun Country’s support team via phone, email or social media before or after their trip. The airline’s phone reservation number is 651-905-2737.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Sun Country’s AirFi inflight system:

What types of comedies are available in the movie selection? 

The movie library includes lighthearted comedies like classic Will Ferrell movies as well as more recent releases like The Hangover and Bridesmaids.

Can passengers access AirFi on multiple devices? 

Yes, passengers can connect multiple personal devices like a smartphone, tablet and laptop simultaneously to access entertainment. However, streaming may be limited to 1-2 devices at a time.

Is the selection of content updated regularly? 

Sun Country refreshes the AirFi movie, TV show and music libraries on a regular basis to ensure current and popular titles are available. New releases are added over time.

Are subtitles or closed captioning available? 

Many of the movies and TV shows offered have subtitles and closed captioning options that can be accessed in the AirFi portal. This helps passengers fully enjoy the content.

Can the games be played with other passengers? 

The games are typically single player casual games. However, passengers can share their device screens to compete or play together on games like trivia or puzzles.

Does AirFi work on short 1-hour flights? 

Yes, AirFi is available even on shorter Sun Country flights. However, downloading content in advance is recommended to make the most of the limited time.


In summary, Sun Country’s complimentary AirFi inflight entertainment system provides a great way for budget travellers to access movies, TV, music and more during flights at no extra cost. 

While internet access is not offered, AirFi’s streaming options ensure passengers have an enjoyable inflight experience.

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