Southwest Airlines – In Flight Wi-Fi Usage Pricing & More

Southwest Airlines offers inflight WiFi and entertainment options to keep you connected and entertained on your flight.

The carrier’s inflight portal provides access to the internet, messaging, movies, TV shows, music and more – right from your own devices while in the air.

How to Connect to Southwest WiFi

Connecting to WiFi on a Southwest flight only takes a few quick steps:

  • Put all your devices into Airplane Mode first. 
  • Then turn WiFi back on while in Airplane Mode.
  • Select the “SouthwestWiFi” network from your list of available connections.
  • Open your browser on your device and navigate to
  • Choose one of the available paid WiFi plans and enter your payment information
  • Or log in with your Southwest customer credentials if you have free inflight WiFi.

Southwest WiFi Pricing and Plans

Southwest offers inflight WiFi on a pay-per-device basis at $8 per device, per flight. You can purchase access right from your device browser once connected to the portal.

Certain Southwest customer statuses receive free inflight WiFi, including:

  • A-List Preferred Members
  • Business Select Customers

These customers can log in using their Rapid Rewards number or flight confirmation to authorise up to 3 devices per flight for free WiFi.

Payment Methods

Southwest offers several ways to pay for WiFi once you are connected to the inflight portal:

  • Credit or debit card – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
  • Digital wallets – Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay
  • PayPal account
  • Venmo account

You can enter your payment information directly into the Southwest portal on your device browser after connecting to the “SouthwestWiFi” network. 

What You Can Do with Southwest WiFi

Southwest’s inflight WiFi allows you to:

  • Browse the web and access social media sites
  • Check email and use messaging apps
  • Stream music and limited video content

High-bandwidth applications, large downloads, VPNs and video conferencing services are restricted in order to provide a quality connection at 30,000 feet.

Southwest Inflight Entertainment

In addition to WiFi access, Southwest offers free inflight entertainment streamed right to your device. Options include:

  • New release and classic movies
  • Popular TV shows
  • Live TV with news and sports
  • Curated playlists and radio stations

You can also stay connected through Southwest’s inflight chat and texting options for iMessage and WhatsApp when activated through the portal.

Supported Devices

Most WiFi-enabled phones, tablets and laptops can connect to Southwest’s inflight portal and entertainment. Supported operating systems include iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows and more. The latest browser versions are recommended.


How much does Southwest WiFi cost? 

It’s $8 per device, per flight unless you have a free WiFi customer status.

How do I access the free inflight entertainment? 

Connect to Southwest WiFi and visit No login needed.

Can I stream Netflix or video chat? 

High-bandwidth activities like streaming and video chat are restricted.

What if I’m having trouble connecting? 

Try rebooting your device and reconnecting, or you can contact their customer service team on the ground by visiting and reporting any issues you had with the onboard entertainment.

How do I access free messaging? 

A-List Preferred Members and Business Select Customers get complimentary WiFi. Go to the portal menu and choose “A-List Preferred & Business Select”, then enter your Rapid Rewards or confirmation number to authorise up to 3 devices per flight. A-List members with a Business Select Fare can authorise up to 6 devices. Enjoy the free WiFi!

In Summary

Staying connected and entertained is easy with Southwest thanks to their inflight WiFi and entertainment options. 

For a small fee, you can browse the web, message friends, or catch up on your favourite shows directly on your own device. 

The airline makes it simple to get online or access free movies and TV with just a few taps once you’re aboard. 

Next time you fly Southwest, come prepared to maximise your inflight experience with all the amenities now offered on their connected aircraft. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the friendly skies in comfort.

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