Jetstar Airways – In Flight Wi-Fi Usage Pricing & More

Jetstar Airways, a leading low-cost airline, has been at the forefront of providing affordable yet comfortable air travel experiences. 

One of the key aspects that set Jetstar apart is its extensive range of in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi services on its international flights, particularly those operated by Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

Established in 2003, Jetstar Airways, part of the Qantas Group, has always strived to make air travel more accessible to everyone. 

Recognizing the increasing demand for in-flight connectivity and entertainment, Jetstar introduced Wi-Fi and entertainment services on its flights. 

This service is available on their Boeing 787 Dreamliners, ensuring passengers’ journeys are not just comfortable but also enjoyable.

How to Connect to Jetstar In-flight WiFi

Connecting to Jetstar’s in-flight Wi-Fi is a straightforward process:

  1. Download the Jetstar Streaming App before your flight.
  2. After boarding, switch your device to flight mode.
  3. Once the cabin crew announces it’s safe to use electronic devices, turn on your device.
  4. Access your device’s settings and activate Wi-Fi.
  5. From the list of available networks, select ‘Jetstar Wi-Fi’.
  6. Open the Jetstar Streaming App and enjoy a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and music.

WiFi Pricing and Plans

Jetstar’s Wi-Fi is priced at $10 per device, per flight. This fee provides access to a vast library of entertainment content. However, Business Class passengers and certain customer statuses can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi.

Payment Methods

Payments for in-flight Wi-Fi can be made using major credit and debit cards. It’s recommended to make these purchases while booking your flight or through the Jetstar Streaming App.

What You Can Do with WiFi

Jetstar’s in-flight Wi-Fi allows passengers to stay connected even while flying. With this facility, you can:

  • Browse the web and use social media.
  • Access email and messaging services.
  • Please note that streaming services may have limitations and restrictions due to bandwidth constraints.

Inflight Entertainment

In addition to Wi-Fi, Jetstar also offers a range of complimentary in-flight entertainment options for Business Class passengers. Economy passengers have the option to pre-purchase this service. The entertainment library includes:

  • Movies: Over 70 titles covering various genres.
  • TV Shows: More than 280 episodes from popular series.
  • Music: Around 95 audio albums across different genres.
  • Inflight chat/texting options are also available.

Wi-Fi Service Providers and Aircraft Coverage

Jetstar’s in-flight Wi-Fi is powered by leading technology providers, ensuring reliable connectivity. This service is available on their Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

Supported Devices

Jetstar’s in-flight Wi-Fi supports most smart devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Remember to download the Jetstar Streaming App before your flight.


Does Jetstar Airways provide Wi-Fi? 

Yes, Jetstar Airways provides Wi-Fi facilities for passengers.

Is the Wi-Fi connection secure? 

In-flight Wi-Fi connections are similar to those at home, hotels, coffee shops, and airports. Use it with the same level of precaution you usually do2.

When can I use the Wi-Fi? 

You can use the Wi-Fi when the cabin crew announces that it is safe to use your devices.

Are there screens on Jetstar Airways? 

Jetstar Airways did not install any screen on the single-aisle jets.

Are there USB ports on Jetstar planes? 

Yes, Jetstar planes have USB ports featured on the seats, allowing passengers to charge their devices.

In conclusion, Jetstar’s in-flight Wi-Fi and entertainment services have greatly enhanced the flight experience for passengers.

Whether you want to catch up on work, stay connected with friends and family, or simply enjoy a movie, Jetstar has got you covered.

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