Icelandair – In Flight Wi-Fi Usage Pricing & More

Icelandair, a renowned airline recognized for its superior services, has risen to the challenge by providing inflight Wi-Fi, enabling passengers to browse the internet, stay in contact, and remain entertained throughout their travel. 

This detailed guide will delve into all facets of Icelandair’s inflight Wi-Fi offerings, encompassing connection procedures, prices, and more.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Connecting to Icelandair’s inflight Wi-Fi is a straightforward process. Here is a sequential guide on how to get connected while flying:

For Boeing 737 MAX

For Boeing 757/767, go to

  • Enable Airplane Mode
  • Turn on Wi-Fi: Activate your device’s Wi-Fi.
  • Link to Network “Icelandair Internet Access” Wi-Fi network 
  • Launch Your Browser: 
  • For Boeing 737 MAX, visit
  • For Boeing 757/767, go to
  • Choose a Plan and enjoy the wifi.

Wi-Fi Pricing and Plans

Icelandair presents a variety of pricing structures for its inflight Wi-Fi amenities. Here’s a snapshot of the available plans:

On Boeing 737 MAX

  • Iceland to Europe: €10 per flight.
  • Iceland to USA/Canada/Israel: €20 per flight.

On Boeing 757/767

  • Iceland to Europe: €6 per flight.
  • Iceland to USA/Canada/Israel: €12 per flight.

Payment Methods

Icelandair provides a range of payment options for your ease. Wi-Fi access can be paid for via credit or debit cards, and within the Wi-Fi portal, there’s an option to pay utilizing Saga Points, the airline’s loyalty program’s currency.

Wi-Fi Capabilities

Icelandair’s inflight Wi-Fi expands the realm of possibilities, enabling you to remain linked and entertained during your flight. Here’s what you can do:

  • Web Browsing and Social Media Use:
  • Email and Messaging Access
  • Streaming Limitations and Restrictions: Content streaming is available, but it’s crucial to consider the limitations and restrictions based on the plan you select.

Inflight Entertainment

Beyond Wi-Fi services, Icelandair offers an array of inflight entertainment choices to enhance the enjoyment of your trip. These include:

  • Movies: A range of films is available for passenger viewing during the flight.
  • TV Shows: Various television series are also offered for your entertainment.
  • Music Options: Enjoy a selection of music and playlists while onboard.
  • Inflight Chat/Texting: Stay linked with your loved ones through onboard chat and texting abilities.

Wi-Fi Service Providers and Aircraft Coverage

Icelandair has collaborated with Viasat to supply inflight Wi-Fi services. As of June, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has awarded Viasat a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), letting its advanced in-flight connectivity system operate on Icelandair’s Boeing 737 MAX 9 airplanes. 

This approval allows Icelandair’s MAX-9s to activate Viasat’s IFC solution. All Boeing 737 MAX, 757, and 767 aircraft are furnished with Wi-Fi coverage.

Supported Devices

Icelandair’s inflight Wi-Fi is compatible with a wide array of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, amongst others. Travelers can effortlessly link their devices to the “Icelandair Internet Access” Wi-Fi network for smooth browsing and connectivity.

Customer Support

Should you face any issues or have queries related to Icelandair’s inflight Wi-Fi, the airline offers customer support services to assist you during flight. Their specialized team is prepared to tackle any connection or technical issues you might encounter.


Here are responses to some frequently asked questions about Icelandair’s inflight Wi-Fi:

Which aircraft provide Wi-Fi coverage?

All Boeing 737 MAX, 757, and 767 aircraft offer Wi-Fi coverage. 

Who receives complimentary Wi-Fi access?

Saga Premium, Saga Premium Flex, and Icelandair Saga Gold passengers are given free Wi-Fi access for two devices. 

How can I purchase Wi-Fi?

Economy class passengers can buy Wi-Fi access for a fee through the Icelandair Wi-Fi portal once connected to the network.


Not all airlines offer inflight Wi-Fi as it is dependent on the technology and equipment installed on their aircrafts. Some airlines are in the process of upgrading their fleets to offer Wi-Fi on board.

Icelandair’s inflight Wi-Fi is powered by Viasat’s Ka-band satellite technology, which provides high-speed internet for browsing, streaming, and messaging. This allows passengers to stay connected with friends, family, and work while flying.

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