Frontier Airlines – In Flight Wi-Fi Usage Pricing & More

Frontier Airlines takes a unique approach compared to other major US airlines when it comes to amenities and services offered inflight. 

As an ultra-low cost carrier, Frontier has chosen to forgo providing inflight WiFi and entertainment in order to keep fares affordable. This sparse inflight experience is central to Frontier’s budget-friendly business model.

No WiFi Available Inflight

Unlike many other domestic airlines, Frontier does not currently offer WiFi connectivity or access to the internet on any of its planes. 

This applies to all flights within the US as well as international routes operated by Frontier. The airline has opted to not make inflight WiFi available as a way to reduce costs and pass those savings directly to customers. 

So when flying Frontier, it’s important to know you will not have internet access or be able to use messaging services and apps that require an internet connection.

No Entertainment Provided

In lack of WiFi, Frontier flights also do not provide any inflight entertainment options. This means there are no seatback screens or entertainment systems offering TV shows, movies, music, games, or other content. 

Again, this void of entertainment relates to Frontier’s effort to eliminate amenities that would raise the airline’s expenses and ticket prices.

Without screens in the headrests, passengers should come prepared with their own offline entertainment loaded on devices ahead of time to occupy themselves during the flight. 

Options include downloaded playlists, e-books, podcasts, and mobile apps that don’t need an internet connection.

What You Can Do Inflight

While internet access, email, in-seat video, and streamed entertainment won’t be available, passengers can still use personal devices inflight for offline activities. 

Reading, playing pre-downloaded games, viewing photos, working on documents, listening to music or podcasts, and other offline uses of smartphones, tablets and laptops are permitted.

Phone calls are not allowed, so be sure to enable Airplane Mode on your devices. The key is loading entertainment content beforehand since there will be no onboard access to streaming services, web browsing, or messaging without WiFi.

Frontier Airlines Assistance and Customer Support 

For assistance and customer support with Frontier Airlines, passengers can contact them through various channels. 

You can reach out via WhatsApp at 720-902-3969, access their helpdesk at, or visit their official website at

These resources provide valuable information and means of communication to address any inquiries or concerns related to your Frontier Airlines experience.


Does Frontier offer inflight power outlets?

No, Frontier aircraft do not have power outlets at seats to charge devices inflight. Make sure your devices are fully charged before boarding.

Can I stream music or movies inflight on Frontier?

No, without WiFi there is no ability to stream content or access entertainment requiring an internet connection. Be sure to download content beforehand.

What if I need to access the internet inflight due to an emergency?

Unfortunately without WiFi, there is no way to access the internet or email while in the air on Frontier. For urgent needs, speak to a flight attendant.

Does Frontier have WiFi on international routes?

No, Frontier does not offer WiFi on any international flights. The same no-frills, no WiFi policy applies to all routes.

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