– In Flight Wi-Fi Usage Pricing & More

Delta Airlines offers inflight WiFi on the majority of its domestic and international fleet, allowing travellers to browse the web, stream entertainment, and stay productive during flights. 

With a variety of pricing options, from free WiFi for certain loyalty members to pay-as-you-go plans starting at $8 per device, Delta aims to keep flyers satisfied and entertained from takeoff to touchdown.

How to Connect to Delta Airlines inflight WiFi

Connecting to inflight WiFi on Delta flights is easy:

  1. Turn on Airplane mode on your device and enable WiFi.
  2. Select the “Delta WiFi” network and open your internet browser.
  3. You will be redirected to the portal page. 
  4. Choose to sign in with your Delta SkyMiles account credentials (if eligible for free access), purchase a WiFi pass, or sign up for a monthly subscription.
  5. For pay-as-you-go access, select a pass option and enter your payment information.
  6. Passes can be purchased for durations ranging from one hour ($8) to a full 24 hours ($19).
  7. Once payment is processed, you will be connected to the inflight WiFi network
  8. Then you can begin browsing the web and using internet-enabled apps.

Delta Airlines inflight WiFi Pricing and Plans

Delta offers inflight WiFi options to fit different needs and budgets:


  • Prices start at $8 per device for one hour of WiFi access. 24-hour passes are $19 per device.

Monthly Subscriptions: 

  • Unlimited WiFi for a full month costs $49.95 on domestic Delta flights. For international routes, monthly plans are $69.95

Free WiFi: 

  • Delta SkyMiles members can enjoy free inflight WiFi in Main Cabin and Comfort+ on most domestic flights. 

Complimentary access is coming soon to international routes. Top-tier Diamond and Platinum Medallion members also get free WiFi in any cabin on both domestic and international flights.

Payment Methods

Payment can be made via credit/debit card or through PayPal. Monthly subscribers are billed directly each month until cancellation.

What You Can Do with WiFi

Delta’s inflight WiFi allows travellers to:

  • Browse the internet, access social media sites, and use messaging apps like WhatsApp
  • Check work email and stay productive with office software apps
  • Stream TV shows, movies, sports, and limited music selections through Delta’s entertainment portal
  • Video calling is available on most domestic flights

While internet access is available, video streaming from sites like YouTube and Netflix is restricted due to bandwidth limitations at 30,000 feet.

Inflight Entertainment

Complimenting the WiFi offering is Delta’s inflight entertainment system, offering:

  • Hundreds of movies and TV shows available on seat-back screens or your own device through the Delta app
  • Curated playlists and SiriusXM radio stations spanning multiple genres
  • First-run films and new release options updated monthly
  • Free messaging via iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp on international flights

Wi-Fi Service Providers and Aircraft Coverage

Delta offers inflight Wi-Fi through partnerships with Viasat and Gogo. The availability depends on the specific aircraft:

Viasat’s Ka-band satellite WiFi service is branded as “Delta WiFi” and offers fast speeds for streaming. It is available on Airbus A319, A320, A321, Boeing 737-800, 737-900, and 757-200 aircraft. Select Boeing 767-300 and 767-400 aircraft also have Viasat.

Gogo’s air-to-ground WiFi service is available on Boeing 717, 737-800, 757-300, 767-300, 767-400, and regional jets like CRJ700, CRJ900, ERJ 170, ERJ 175.

Existing WiFi passes will work on flights equipped with Viasat or Gogo connectivity. Delta SkyMiles members can enjoy free WiFi through Viasat.

Contact Information for Inflight Wi-Fi Support

If you need assistance or have questions regarding Delta’s inflight Wi-Fi service, you can reach out to the respective service providers for support. Here’s how to contact them:

Viasat Support

  • Website:
  • Phone number: (888) 649-6711
  • Chat/Email: Viasat Chat/Email (opens in a new window)

Wi-Fi Onboard (formerly Gogo) Support

Supported Devices

WiFi enabled smartphones, tablets, laptops, and portable media devices can connect to Delta’s inflight WiFi. This includes iPhones, iPads, Android devices, MacBooks, and Windows laptops.

Travellers should ensure their device has its latest software installed before the flight for optimal connectivity.


When does inflight Wi-Fi access begin on a Delta flight?

Inflight Wi-Fi access typically starts after takeoff once the aircraft has reached cruising altitude and has received approval from the captain. This ensures a safe and stable internet connection during the flight.

Does the quality of connectivity and streaming remain consistent throughout the flight?

No, the quality of connectivity and streaming may vary based on factors like the travel route, weather conditions, and other environmental elements. While Delta aims to provide a reliable Wi-Fi experience, these factors can influence the performance of the service.

How does the pricing for international inflight Wi-Fi vary by region?

International Wi-Fi pricing with Delta can vary by region. For example, some short-haul routes such as those to Canada and Central America offer free messaging to passengers. It’s important to check the specific pricing and availability for your route when travelling internationally.

What should I know about monthly Wi-Fi subscriptions with Delta?

Monthly Wi-Fi subscriptions auto-renew each month, making it convenient for passengers who frequently use the service. These subscriptions can be managed or cancelled via your Delta account, allowing you to have control over your Wi-Fi access based on your needs and preferences.

In Summary

With WiFi availability on over 700 aircraft and counting, staying connected in the skies has never been easier with Delta.

From browsing your favorite sites to binging the latest shows, inflight WiFi opens new possibilities for how travelers experience flying today.

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